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13 Reasons I Love My Dogs

Really that should read ‘Just 13 Reasons I Love My Dogs’, because these only scratch the surface 😉

1. Laughter

Sometimes intentionally, sometimes not! Watching two dogs try and get into the same crate at the same time, or one trying to squeeze into a ridiculously small gap on the sofa next to me, or dropping a toy in my lap when I’ve been at the computer just a bit too long. Laughter really is the best medicine 😀

2. Friendship

Theirs and the people and other dogs they’ve brought into my life. Dog people are the best, they understand the trials and tribulations, the giddy excitement of achievement when something goes well, and of course they don’t care about the odd dog hair or two when they come to visit 😉

KC Festival 2011 52
My best friend Helen and I, who’s Cavalier Hattie is an honorary canine family member 🙂

3. Cuddles

Is there anything better than snuggling on the sofa after a busy day with your closest family? I love how close they like to get, with Ella & Jade either side of me and Diva and Kai taking up residence by my feet. I can’t move, but then I don’t really want to either – it’s a lovely feeling 🙂

We may need a bigger sofa!

4. Walking

I’ve never really seen the point of exercising for exercise sake – I’m the sort of person who requires there to be a point to what she’s doing! But walking with the dogs for hours on sunny day, with no time restraints and glorious natural beauty all around – is there another way to feel so completely and utterly free? I’ve shared many wonderful moments with no-one but my dogs for company – there’s nothing like it 🙂

Blaise Castle, Bristol – the most glorious place for a dog walk

5. Comfort

Because life can be pretty stressful and demanding some days, but a soft nuzzle and a wet nose can be very comforting when everything is getting just a bit too much. Mine always seem to know just when I might need a boost – a warm furry body pressed against yours can solve most dilemmas 🙂

Missy Diva and I

6. Agility

Have I mentioned before that I’m a fan? 😉 Playing agility with my dogs is a LOT of fun – racing against the clock, two minds as one – the adrenalin rush is addictive!

My beautiful Jade, giving it her all

7. Training

I love watching my dogs learn new things. They seem to get as much of a buzz from it as I do, like that moment when you complete a difficult crossword or finally manage to complete a tricky puzzle. The lightbulb moment of “Oh I get it!” is something I never get tired of seeing 🙂

Baby Jade learning all about walking nicely on the lead

8. Learning

Working with dogs is life-long journey, and I love how I never stop learning something new about my beloved canine family. They are great companions along the road to greater understanding and enlightenment of dog training and behaviour, I’ve been privileged to learn so much from them 🙂

9. Family

My Dad is a sufferer of Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) and is slowly becoming more disabled – a very sad process to watch in anyone, much less a much loved father. Whenever my dogs are with him I see their wiggles and delight at seeing the man they love and recognise, beyond the physical imperfections – they comfort me in their love and devotion without even realising it 🙂

November 2010 17
My Dad – so glad for every dog walk we ever enjoyed together

10. My Sons

What my dogs are teaching my boys, may possibly be more valuable than anything I have to teach them. They are growing up to be kind and understanding young men, who are thoughtful and sensitive with the dogs – who in their turn love them back, especially those who grew up with them from puppies. Watching them find comfort from a doggy cuddle, or the dogs delight at their return from school – memories are made from this 🙂

My best little boys, with my special Jade-star

11. Health

As anyone close to me will tell you, I spend an inordinate amount of time and concern (not to mention money!) on the health and welfare of my dogs. In caring for them, I have realised that I need to take better care of myself. They have led me to pathways that will benefit me for the rest of my life 🙂

12. Memories

I have such amazing memories for my nursing home of the future! Meeting life-changing people, who changed the course of my dog training and understanding. People who have influenced my life for the better, both emotionally and physically. People from the other side of the world! Places I’ve been, sights I’ve seen – all because of my wondrous connection with dogs 🙂

My Australian buddies Frank & Tracey on our way to Spain for the World Agility Open adventure – only wish we lived closer!

13. Hope

If living with and training my dogs has taught me anything, it’s that I should never give up hope. The answer to every question is out there somewhere, and you’re likely to learn a lot along the way. You just have to keep going 🙂

Kai – my 3 legged boy who leads by shining example

 Let me know some of the reasons you love your dogs by leaving a comment below – I look forward to reading them 🙂

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