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3 Resources that will help your dog training

In my Youngsters syllabus that I designed we explore fundamental principles surrounding the dog’s choice in dog training, and as a result I keep recommending these key resources.

Here’s my list along with where I like to purchase my items from:

1. Dog Crate

People have mixed feelings about crates, but even if you choose never to use them to contain your dog and only use them to play training games, it’ll be a great resource for your training.

Only Dog Cages is a great place to get good quality, good value crates with all the other bits and pieces you might need.

Oh and if you progress with the games and want something a little easier to transport to training classes, Doggie Solutions offer our favourite soft fabric crates.

Jade snoozing peacefully whilst Ella observes the rules of the games from her bed next door

2. Crate Games DVD

We start in class by shaping the dogs into their crates, but like to progress to the rules of the games outlined in Susan Garrett’s popular ‘Crate Games’ DVD. They are such a lot of fun for both you and your dog to play, but as I often say the devil is in the detail! The DVD is a great resource for going over the games and making sure you’re getting it just right 🙂

3. Great Toys!

Pet shops just don’t stock brilliant dog toys. But then most people don’t encourage you to play with your dog like we do at Daybreak Dogs! To see your dog really enjoy playing with toys, try this great fluffy toy from Jewlnick Leather. So far all the dogs I’ve tried it with have LOVED it!

Vodka fluffy toy
Vodka chose this one – don’t tell her I’ve been sharing it with other puppies!

Today I’m grateful for some amazing young dogs and their owners in my Youngsters groups. They have reminded me the brilliance of allowing dogs the power of choice and what mind-blowing results can be achieved in the process 🙂

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