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5 Top Toilet Training Tips!

I have an 8 week old Cavachon but am struggling to get her to stop peeing in her bed and in the house. I’m trying  regular toilet breaks but it’s hard if she is asleep in her crate at night etc. I’m buying the Oder remover spray today and I use a single word when she goes outside. With a treat . Is this wrong or do I just need to persevere?

Thanks for getting in touch with your question. It sounds like you’re already on the right track, but here’s a few thoughts to help you out:

  1. 8 weeks for such a small puppy (and small bladder) is really young – dogs don’t tend to develop bladder & bowel control until 16 weeks at the earliest
  2. Washing bedding in biological washing powder is key to getting rid of the odour of urine which tends to encourage them to do it again – using an Pet Odour Eliminator spray is key for clearing up accidents elsewhere
  3. Toilet breaks should come after waking up/ eating/ drinking/ playing – and every half an hour other than that. This will help her be successful and help her learn that going outside is where she should go 🙂
  4. Giving her a space away from her bed (using a puppy pen/ crate combo is great) to go to the toilet overnight is good if you don’t want to be up in the night
  5. Rewarding heavily for what you want as you’re doing when she goes outside is key to long-term success

Keep up the good work – she’ll be house trained before you know it if you stick to the above advice and avoid as many accidents as possible by regular trips outside 🙂

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