Dog Training Founded On Understanding

Helping you understand your dog so you can enjoy life together

Hi, I’m Gemma

I’m a dog trainer and behaviour specialist dedicated to helping you understand your dog better, so you can get the good behaviour you’ve always wanted from them.

You’re here because you want to get to know your dog better and to have a truly wonderful relationship with them that blossoms as it gets stronger and stronger.

You want a dog you can take out and about to new places, who will make you feel proud rather than embarrassed.

You want to take your dog with you to visit friends and family without having to make excuses for their behaviour or manage those withering looks from your nearest and dearest.

Quite simply, you want the best for your dog.

Well, you’re in the right place! All of those things you’re hoping for are founded on building an incredible relationship with your dog. And I’d love to help you achieve that, so you can go out into the world together and create amazing memories with one another.

Good quality dog training advice should be accessible to everyone.

Dogs are truly amazing animals, and with consistent and kind training, they are a joy to live with.

My goal is to help you enjoy living with your dogs as much as I do. There is nothing I love more than spending time watching them run free when we go out walking together – it’s a great way to relax and unwind after a busy day.

The dogs I grew up with as a child gave me an easy confidence around dogs and a curiosity to learn more about them. Those two beautiful Golden Retrievers, a busy Springer Spaniel and a fiery Yorkshire Terrier, have been responsible for a life-long love affair with dogs that has grown ever stronger with each passing year.

As a child, I loved those early family dogs, but my training of dogs didn’t start until I was a young adult, when my family welcomed two Terrier type Heinz 57’s into our home.

The lessons I learned with those two dogs, and the mistakes I inevitably made along the way, have been invaluable to my dog training knowledge and, perhaps more importantly, to how I help other dog owners just like you!

When you can see things from your dog’s point of view, everything gets better

When you’re in the thick of trying to solve frustrating problems with your dog, it can feel overwhelming and hideously complicated.

The truth is, when we see things from our dog’s point of view, it becomes easy to troubleshoot and adapt to make life significantly better for both of you.

When feelings are running high, and emotions are running the show, it can be incredibly difficult to look at things objectively.

And that’s where I come in. I will help you strip back all the noise to find the root of what’s causing your problems. And guide you through the changes and training that will transform the life you share with your dog.

I enrolled in Gemma Fisher’s online dog training classes when my standard poodle was 14 months old. In just a few months, the change in him is amazing. I would not have believed it possible. Gemma also takes the time to answer all my questions even though we live on different continents. She not only teaches you how to work with your dog, she truly cares and wants to see you and your dog succeed.

Lisa Go and Mac

Are you ready to get the relationship with your dog that you’ve always dreamed of?

My dog training academy was created to guide you through all of the dog training adventures ahead of you both, which will support you on your journey to an unbreakable bond with your dog.

You’ll receive instant access to a vault of training videos which is paired with weekly coaching sessions to help you put it all into practice.

We kick off with a welcome call where we’ll discuss what brought you to me, so I can establish the best place for you to start with your training. And then off we go!