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Blueberry & Coconut Soft Dog Training Treats

People often ask me about alternatives to the Liver Cake we recommend. This is a really good one if you’re not keen on handling organ meat or the like – it smells delicious and the dogs LOVE it 🙂


400g Blueberries

250g Flour

100g Desiccated Coconut

100ml Coconut Milk

100ml Blueberry Smoothie (NOT with grapes)

2 Large Eggs


Pop the blueberries into your food processor and blend until chopped up. Then add the remainder of your ingredients and whizz until it forms a delicious smelling gloopy mixture.

Pour into an appropriate baking tray (I use Asda Foil Tray Bakes) and cook on 180°C in a fan oven for between 20-30 minutes, or until a knife comes out clean and the cake is firm to the touch.

Leave to cool and then chop up into small pieces. I usually use some straight away, but they can keep in a fridge for 48 hours. Otherwise, pop into the freezer and defrost in the future as required.

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