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Dog Walks: Ashcombe Woods, Weston-Super-Mare

This is one of my favourite woods to walk the dogs in, as there is so much to explore – plus the great disabled track around the woods is perfect for both children’s buggy’s and wheelchairs/ disability scooters alike.

The woods are beautiful at every season in the year, and the changing landscape makes it such a lovely place to visit.

It is a popular places for dog walkers so you are likely to bump into several people if you stick to the main paths, and as there is a nice, natural children’s play area about half way up the main track you’re likely to see families with children too.

Love this sign along the main path 🙂

The 130 hectare woodland site covers the ridge on the north side of Weston-super-Mare. Much of the site was clear felled during world War One and has naturally re-vegetated. A management regime to address the even aged structure of the Wood began in 1998. There is also a small area of ancient woodland within the site known as Ashcombe Wood. There are a range of wildlife including deer, badgers, foxes, bats and a range of birds including woodpeckers, buzzards and tree creepers. The site also contains an Iron Age hill fort covering about 10 hectares, which is a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

Natural England

Now my children are 6 and 7 years old, they enjoy exploring the woods and creating paths where none previously existed! There are also lots of ‘Eeyore’s houses’ scattered around which makes for lots of magical adventures in this special place 🙂

Cheeky monkey!

How to Get There

The closest postcode to get you to the woods is: BS22 9SG

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 19.08.23
The red marker indicates the last house before the entrance to the woods

Once you enter through the woodlands gate (there is a sign which tells you what time the gate is closed in the evenings), there is a section of tarmac for parking which is reserved for families and disabled people.

Past that the road gets VERY bumpy for vehicles though you can drive all the way along the path and there is space to turn around and park.

Have you enjoyed walking in these woods – post your pictures below, would love to see them! 🙂

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