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Dog Walks: Ashton Hill Woods

For some reason my family have always referred to this particular walk as Belmont Hill woods. But so that you are able to find and enjoy these amazing woods, I am using the better known and accurate name of Ashton Hill Woods instead 😉

ashton hill woods 1
Well maintained woods

This is a lovely walk to tramp around, with a range of beautiful trees that allow for an ever changing landscape.

When we stick to the main path the walk can take around 1 hour – 1 hour 15 minutes depending on any diversions for adventures along the way 😉

There are some fairly steep inclines around the main path, but not uncomfortably so. And there are many paths to be found by going off the beaten track – something that my young explorers are usually very keen to do!

My boys love these woods!

The woods are enjoyed by walkers, cyclists and horse riders – depending on the time of your visit you might meet a few as you wander around, but quite often we don’t see anyone at all.

The soil in the woods is a deep red mud (see the image further up of Mak’s legs!), something to be borne in mind if you want to keep a clean car – having a towel handy is probably wise!

Getting There

The OS Grid Reference is: ST518710

The B&W Equine Group has a clinic that has fields running alongside the woods, so if you’re after a postcode to get you close you could use theirs: BS8 3US. Bear in mind you need to find the Ashton Hill woods car park though.

However if you wish to use Google maps to work out your best route, then type in ‘Belmont Hill, Bristol UK’

map ashton hill woods
My little dog there marks the spot!

Forestry Commission England

Ashton Hill was formally a part of the nearby Tyntesfield Estate in Wraxall. Consequently, many of the larger trees were planted in the 19th century. The Giant Sequoia grove dates from this period of estate landscaping.

There is a circular hard surfaced trail (not waymarked) starting from the car park which is suitable for walkers and cyclists. A bench provides a resting place underneath the Giant Sequoias.

Diva ashton hill woods

Diva at the beginning of the walk still looking fairly clean!

Have you enjoyed walking around these stunning woods with your dog? Are there other local walks that you’d like me to share with other readers – comment below! 🙂

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