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Dog walks: Burrington Ham

Situated in the village of Burrington, Somerset the Iron Age hill fort of Burrington Camp or Burrington Ham is a beautiful walking spot for ramblers and dog walkers alike. I feel very lucky that we’re just 20 minutes drive away in Congresbury so it’s somewhere we can re-visit regularly.

The views across the landscape are truly breathtaking as the limestone grassland is a lovely wilderness for countless flowers and butterflies. You really feel very close to nature up there.

Depending on which route you take around the camp, you might find yourself doing some steep uphill climbing! Regular walkers tend to favour the route which takes you straight on and then around to the left as it’s less severe than doing it in reverse!

My boys love to clamber over the rocky outcrop with the dogs and can come up with all sorts of adventures. You might want to leave extra time for exploring 😉

Who’s the king of the castle?!

To find Burrington Ham you’ll need to take a drive up through The Combe (B3134) – watch out for goats! If you’re using a Sat Nav then I suggest entering Burrington and then following the map below as you get closer. Parking for this beauty spot is just around the bend of as illustrated in the map below.

Burrington Ham Map
You’ll drive through some beautiful countryside on the way – and watch out for the wild goats in the Combe!

Have you visited Burrington Ham with your dogs? Are there any good local pubs or café’s worth stopping into once you’ve finished? Comment below!

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