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Ella Wins Gold at the World Champs in Claverham, UK!

Background info for those who don’t know Ella.

Ella will be 15 years young next March 2021.

She finished her agility career in Grade 7 (highest level in UK), and went to the World Agility Open with two Australian handlers as a borrowed dog in 2014 (Spain) and 2015 (Belgium).

The photo above is her in her heyday – and what heydays they were!

She was the dog who demanded I become a better handler, because she was a top quality sports car and deserved a driver to match!

My later dogs have her to thank for how I improved as a trainer & handler – she was a tough task master!

This video is just a girl with her dog. A dog who means the world to her. Who has meant the world to her for a very long time.

Both having some fun doing something that they’ve had fun doing for a very long time.

Doing it differently, but with no less joy. In fact, possibly a bit more..

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