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Focus Through Distractions 2-Hour Workshop

May 2 @ 11:30 am - 1:30 pm

£16.25 – £32.50

Would this workshop work for you?
Struggle to get your dog to focus in busy areas?
Does your dog think EVERYTHING is their business?
Would you like more control of your dog when they get excited?
Then this workshop is for YOU!
What will it cover?
Gemma will be delving into her highly acclaimed Inbetweener Dogs online dog training program toolkit.
You will learn..
  • Simple games to add into your life with your dog
  • Training exercises to improve your dog training skills
  • Bombproof ways to get and keep your dogs attention – no matter the distraction
Here’s what’s possible with the Inbetweener Dogs games – meet Sarah & Zuri, from my online program.

My dog is so easily distracted and doesn’t do well in a group class – can I spectate instead?
You will learn lots of valuable information by both taking part with your dog, or watching as a spectator too.

Bishops House

Bishops Road
Claverham, North Somerset BS49 4NF United Kingdom