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December 12 @ 11:30 am - 1:30 pm

£16.25 – £32.50

This workshop is for dogs who have a ‘Fear Of Missing Out’


  • Too busy seeing what others are doing to have any time to listen to you!
  • Lunge and pull on the lead to meet people & dogs
  • Bark in frustration when not allowed to go off the lead to play!
  • Recall sketchy – always checking out if anything better is going on


These nosey-rosey’s can be anything from young dogs to middle-aged adults. They need a bit more training and understanding to help them reach their potential.


During this workshop we’ll be covering..


  • Loose lead walking & recall games
  • Reinforcement in all its many forms
  • Concept of permission and using it to gain more control of our dogs
  • How to create a training plan to reach your on and off lead goals


My dog is so easily distracted and doesn’t do well in a group class – can I spectate instead?

You will learn lots of valuable information by both taking part with your dog, or watching as a spectator too.


The workshop will be held outside in my fenced training field. We will go ahead if light rain/ wind is forecast, but you would be notified of cancellation in the event of very bad weather.

Bishops House

Bishops Road
Claverham, North Somerset BS49 4NF United Kingdom