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Summer Camp for Dog Trainers

August 25 - September 2

Hosted by Sunshine Canine – Details of How to Book

Gemma will be teaching ‘Training & Play Skills’ on Monday 29th August 2022

More Info About the Camp

Last year Sunshine Canine hosted a small 4 day camp, which was a huge success. From the feedback we received, it was clear that a camp for dog trainers would be popular. A busman’s holiday.
“Loved taking time out to train my own dogs”
“Appreciated the opportunity for networking with other trainers”
“Logged some valuable CPD hours whilst having a little holiday”
“Enjoyed trying another discipline which I have always wanted to do”
“Scheduling time out, from teaching to develop my skills”
So after giving this all some thought, I began contacting a few trainers I know to see if they might be interested in this format…. to which the replies were “Hell yes! great idea and can I join in?” well that cemented it, and here we are…….

**Booking Process**

-> Event Open to: dog trainers from any discipline, behaviourists, new trainers currently studying, other dog professionals (eg physio/groomers)
✴️ Bookings will open via FB page announcement on Sunday March 13th
✴️After this announcement you will email Sunshine Canine to request a booking form
✴️Initially, you will only be able to book 1 dog on 1 workshop per day
✴️Complete and return the booking form
✴️We will log the returned forms in order of arrival
✴️We will do our best to allocate a space on your first choice
✴️Sunshine Canine will confirm your place(s) by email within 3 weeks from 13th March
✴️Payment will be required within 7 days from your confirmation
✴️You will join the FB Event Group for more camp details
✴️Any remaining availability on the workshops will be posted online