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Hot Tip For Increased Energy Levels & Wellbeing!

Anyone who knows me, knows that the health and well-being of my dogs is something I’m pretty fanatical about. Their nutrition, exercise and physical condition are all factors that I spend a LOT of time  thinking about – not to mention the money involved!

Ironic then that I’m slightly overweight, suffering from a painful shoulder injury and more than a little unfit 😉

Last week after a visit to my wonderful chiropractor Mike at the amazing Complete Health Clinic in Clevedon, he inspired me to really get on and do something about it. And nutrition was my main focus, as he believes that it’s a lack of good quality nutrition which is causing my shoulder to take a long time to heal up. Apparently the cocoa beans in chocolate aren’t a substitute for lots of fruit and vegetables 😉

Now I’m a pretty busy lady, and I’m out and about a lot when I’m teaching. So I was struggling with getting good food into me as a result of lack of prior planning, and time to do anything about it. But as I know from dog training – if you’re irritated enough by a behaviour, you’ll find time to do something about it. Enter this amazing product that I’m delighted to recommend below..

So since last Thursday I’ve started the day with a fruit & vegetable smoothie cocktail ranging from spinach, carrot, celery, apples, oranges, strawberries, mango, kiwi, almonds, raspberries and bananas. There may have been a couple of others that I’ve missed, but I think you get the gist!

I’ve also prepared one of these if I’ve suffered from hunger pangs instead of my usual staple of chocolate – and replaced sandwiches made with bread for wholewheat wraps filled with all sorts of delicious salad stuff. It’s been easier than I had thought it might be, simply because making the smoothies and then cleaning up again afterwards is such a doddle!

I not only owe it to my dogs to be a more worthy partner to them on the agility field, but also to my family and friends – it’s hard to be everything to everyone when you’re feeling tired and low, but it IS possible to do something about it. Upping my fruit and vegetable intake has had a massive effect on my energy levels in just a week – I’m excited to see how I might be feeling in another month or so!

If you have a useful health tip that you’d like to share, please pop a comment in the box below – I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

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