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[Vlog] How To Cope With The Puppy Witching Hour!

How to cope with the puppy witching hour! ??

NB: Mak (the sable collie Toddy is playing with is 8 years old  ) – do boys ever grow up?!

See how quickly Toddy changes his behaviour though as a result of his bed appearing. The opportunity to earn reinforcement on the bed is more reinforcing than playing with his brother, partly because he’s enjoyed practicing this many times already in his short life (though this is only the 4th time I’ve used this particular bed – this skill transfers from other places).

Notice Jade & Vodka his sisters also understand this game and demonstrate what Toddy’s behaviour will develop into – all taught using reinforcement and praise.

I don’t need to tell him off because I set him up to make GREAT choices all by himself. Puppies, all puppies, are smart – it’s how we shape their brains which makes the difference between one we enjoy living with or one we don’t.

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