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List of ‘Must have’ puppy equipment

If you’ve just picked your first puppy from a litter of adorable bundles of fluff, you may be slightly concerned about what exactly you’re going to need for them when they arrive home.

I’ve put together a list of those things that we consider essential for those first few months home:

  • Lead & collar for ID tag – I suggest buying a puppy set and saving your money for the beautiful one with the expensive price tag once your puppy has reached maturity 🙂
  • Identification Tag for collar – I love the Collars & Tags website 🙂
  • Harness – for attaching your lead, much kinder on puppy’s neck whilst they’re learning good loose lead walking. I love Dog Games Harnesses 🙂
  • Crate and/or Puppy Pen – through my online puppy course I’ll show you how this can become your puppy’s favourite place to be 🙂
  • Food & water bowls – I like stainless steel ones, as they’re easy to clean and keep hygienic, plus non chewable by puppy teeth!
  • Inexpensive bedding or something like VetBed/ blanket + newspaper for lining puppy’s first bed – a suitable size cardboard box makes a good one until puppy chewing has subsided!
  • Puppy Kongs – hard wearing, hollow, dome shaped toys that can be filled with food. Pop it into the freezer and you’ve just created a soothing dummy for your puppy to relieve their teething pains on 🙂

    Puppy Kong – also available in pink 😉
  • Chewy bones/ Stag bars – teething can be painful for puppies, and it’s less expensive on your furniture and fittings if you provide plenty of suitable chew toys to relieve their need to chew 🙂
Stagbars – don’t look like much, but puppies & dogs love them 🙂
  • Poo bags – when you’re out and about you’ll need something to clean up your puppy’s poo. I find a stock of nappy bags are a good way of never being caught short 🙂
  • Training treats – these need to be something yummy. Check out my suggestions for puppy training treats here
  • Books – “Bones Would Rain From The Sky: Deepening Our Relationship With Dogs” by Suzanne Clothier, “Total Recall” by Pippa Mattinson

This list should get you started, and feel free to comment below if you’ve found any gems that you wouldn’t now be without 🙂

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