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Liver Cake Recipe

At yesterday’s Kennel Club Good Citizen classes the focus was on reward, on what exactly it is your dog LOVES! It’s important for us to be specific about what rewards we’re using so that we can get the best responses from our dogs, and improve our training communications. Here’s the recipe for the delicious liver cake that I’d made for everyone to try out last night – it made the majority of the dogs top two, and for most their number one! 🙂


Ella’s serious ‘game on’ face – what reward produces the same response in your dog?


250g Liver
125g Plain flour
1 Crushed garlic clove
1 Small egg


Firstly pop the liver into a food processor and blend until relatively smooth. Then add the remainder of the ingredients and mix well.

Place about 1 tbsp of mixture into well greased patty tins (those used for Yorkshire puddings/ holding fairy cake cases) – you should make 12 cakes with this recipe.

Cook on 180 degrees (fan oven) for about 5 – 10 minutes until firm.

Your liver cakes need to be used within about 2-3 days, or placed in the freezer for use at a later stage.

Today, like most days I’m grateful for my lovely Ella who is the most dedicated work companion at my training classes 🙂

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