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My Top 3 Nina Ottosson Dog Toys

What are Nina Ottosson Toys anyway? Well they’re like the canine equivalent of Sudoko or Scrabble – mind teasers for dogs, using their brains rather than their brawn to figure them out. Here’s a video clip of a VERY cute small dog having a play from Nina’s YouTube channel:

There is a vast array of different interactive toys available on the market, but I like to recommend these as we use them in our training classes and they get a great response from all the dogs that play with them. Here’s my top 3 favourites:

1. Dog Brick

This one is a lot of fun for new dogs, and can also be made harder as they get better at the game – my dogs love this one!

2. Dog Magic

As seen in the video above – again lots of fun for new dogs when set at the easy level, but can get quite hard when all the white bones are in place on the board!

3. Dog Tornado

I have had so much FUN watching young dogs play with this game – it’s a bit trickier, so quite often gets rattled around when they get cross with it for not giving up their treats! Very sturdy, and a good one to help them learn about patience reaping rewards!

Leave a comment in the box below to tell me your dog’s favourite game 🙂

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