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My Top 10 Favourite Dog Toys!

This list includes the companies that I get my favourite toys from, because generally speaking they aren’t available from your local pet shop. Have fun and ENJOY games with your dog!

1. Tug-E-Nuff Bungee Tugs

I have so many favourites within the Tug-E-Nuff brand I could do a separate list for just them! What I particularly like about the Tug-E-Nuff bungee range is that strong tuggers can enjoy the game with me without hurting me or them! The bungee allows for rough and tumble without pressure on our joints when we’re tugging – just perfect!

2. Ball with Feet (JW Good Cuz , Bad Cuz)

These toys make me laugh out loud – I mean really, what’s not to love about a ball with feet?? 😀 Dogs seem to appreciate them nearly as much as I do because the squeaker combined with the irregular bouncing of the ball makes for a LOT of fun 🙂

3. Hol-ee Dog Cage Balls

These are fab toys for dogs that love to run and retrieve as they can power in without having to stop as suddenly as say leaping in on a static tennis ball. They simply keep running through and collect it on route, much better for their joints than sudden stopping and starting. Plus they’re really nice and visible so if I want my dog to run on ahead of me (say on an agility sequence) then it’s going to encourage my dog to do just that 🙂

4. Planet Dog Orbee Balls

More unusual shaped & designed toys which make me smile – they offer ball sized toys in a range of fun shapes including strawberries & raspberries!

5. South West Agility Goods

More lovely fluffy, bungee handled toys – that also include Planet Dog Orbee balls on the end of some of their tuggy toys too!

6. Jewlnick Leather Toys

This company put together some really fun training toys which my youngster Vodka picked out herself from their trade stand. So far all the dogs who have come across it have LOVED it too! 🙂

7. Paws Trading

This company have a range of toys – the ones I’m always particularly interested in are the cage balls they put handles onto to turn them into great tug toys, and also their new Paws Pocket food reward ball toy. A great idea for dogs that prefer their treats to toys!

8. Kongs

Most people are familiar with the traditional red Kong Classic, but what you might not be aware of is how many other toys they produce too.

I love the Kong Safestix & Kong Aqua for safe water retrieving fun, the Kong Wobbler for quick & easy mealtime games and the Kong Wubba’s for tugging. Truly there is a Kong toy for pretty much every purpose!

9. Clean Run Toys

This company are based in the United States, but provide such fantastic toys that I just couldn’t leave them out of this list. Some of my favourites include:

  • Ram Tuff Woolly Tail Tug
  • TugAway Bungee Bunny Ball Tug
  • Bungee Bottle Tug (fill the toy with a plastic bottle for that crinkly noise that dogs love!)
  • Woolly Octopus Tug (Vodka’s favourite puppy toy)

10. 4 My Merles

This is a Canadian company that supplies renowned dog trainer Susan Garrett with her training leads which double up as tuggy toys. Just the thing when you want to reward your dog and you only have your lead with you!

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