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3 Naughty Scenarios!

After my blog post ‘What do I do when my dog does something I don’t like?’, a few people wanted specific naughty examples – and there was I thinking all the dogs I teach were little angels  :mrgreen:

1. Recall

  • Picture the scene. You’re in the local park and your dog has gone off to play with another dog.
  • You’ve called once for them to come back, but they’ve chosen to continue playing.
  • If you keep calling there is no consequence for your dog and they just get to practice ignoring you – not a lesson I particularly want them to learn!
  • So instead of shouting yourself hoarse, go and collect them calmly and quietly and put them back on the lead.
  • The consequence is simple- Ignore your recall cue = Loss of freedom
  • Then do some recall games whilst on the lead and if you get great responses, you can let them off again 🙂


2. Sofa Cuddles

  • My favourite way to spend an evening! 🙂  But there should be some clear rules.
  • Personally I feel dogs should wait for an invite if someone is already sitting on the sofa.
  • They can get on without permission if there’s no-one sitting there first.
  • Sofa privileges are reserved for dogs who understand a ‘Get Off’ cue and can comply when asked.
  • Should another person or dog join you on the sofa, grumbling or growling is not acceptable and you’ll be asked to get off
  • The consequence here is – Bad manners on the sofa = loss of cuddles and sofa privilege


3. Front Door Manners

  • Barging out of doorways is a pain – and potentially dangerous!
  • I like to see my dogs can demonstrate a little self-control around a door way
  • Picking a position like a Sit is a good idea. Once you’ve taught it (Susan Garrett’s ‘Crate Games’ DVD is a good way to do it – see below)
  • The door opening is not their release cue to go through it, they should be waiting for a verbal release cue such as ‘OK!’
  • The consequence of breaking position to rush through – door gets closed again. NB: Please watch dogs carefully so noses don’t get caught in doors!
  • Ignore your Sit cue = Door shuts and it takes longer to get out and do what you want
  • If this happens a lot, revise your reinforcement schedule for self-control in arousal – your dog is telling you something  😉


The key thing about dealing with the inevitable naughtiness that living with our beloved dogs is DO SOMETHING, if only to evaluate whether what you did was the right thing. If you need help with a specific naughty scenario, pop a note in the comments box below and I’ll reply with some advice to help!

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