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New Puppy Owners – Your Fisher Fix Survival Guide!

Here’s some valuable resources which I think you’ll find helpful on your puppy raising journey 🐕

Worried about those first few nights? Here’s what I do to settle my pups in and help them adjust to their new life –>> https://bit.ly/3A5iOFG

Finding socialisation a bit of a minefield? Download my free Socialisation Adventures Ebook here –>> https://bit.ly/3MCaB1r

Looking to socialise with other dogs? Check out this video for best practice –>> https://bit.ly/3L6nh10

For house training help, check out this video on my blog –>> https://bit.ly/40f6RaT

Question about crate training? Check out this video where I address some common queries –>> https://bit.ly/43CkjIK

And are you getting bitten to shreds by your naughty new puppy?! Don’t panic – keep calm and watch these videos 😜

General advice –>> https://bit.ly/41AydJx

Examples of biting & children –>> https://bit.ly/41A6skE

Biting & humping 🙈 –>> https://www.gemmafisher.com/puppy-humping-biting/

Need help with the puppy witching hour?! Check out this blog post –>> https://www.gemmafisher.com/how-to-cope-with-the-puppy…/

Need help training the basics? My favourite things to get right! Click here to get access to the Practical Puppy Training Course –>> https://www.gemmafisher.com/…/pupp…/practical-puppy-fix/

Barking, barking, barking! Click here to learn how to go about solving excessive barking: https://www.gemmafisher.com/vlog-barking-dog-solutions/

Not sure what to do about spaying or neutering? Here’s some vets advice on the subject that I rate very highly: https://youtu.be/enPCZA1WFKY

Having difficulty getting your puppy used to travelling in the car? Check out this post for more help & advice –>> https://www.gemmafisher.com/car-sickness-is-spoiling-my…/

Whilst I’m a trainer, I do know the importance of good nutrition and how what our dogs eat can have an influence on their behaviour.

Fussy eaters –>> http://bit.ly/2FWEDOi

What I feed my dogs –>> https://www.gemmafisher.com/we-are-what-we-eat-and-so…/

Still struggling with something that isn’t covered here?

Pop me an email and let’s get a 15 minute Zoom call scheduled and we can have a chat.

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