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Circus Dog Trick Training

Teach your dog to perform tricks like you’ve never seen before

Roll up, roll up, for the greatest show on earth… This is a performance not to be missed!

The greatest show on earth is surely one performed by your four-legged wonder. This fun dog training course reveals how to teach your dog incredible crowd-pleasing tricks in the comfort of your own home.

30+ video tutorials

easy-to-follow steps

instant access

bite-sized lessons

Circus Dog Central is for you if

Dogs love learning tricks, and you will too!

So much of the training we do with our dogs is heavy with expectations and a desperate need for results. Training a recall, working on reactivity, or dealing with problem behaviours means a lot weighs on you being successful with your training.

Trick training with your dog is a welcome, lighthearted relief. Nobody really cares if your dog can’t give a paw, take a bow, or play dead. And this is what makes trick training so special – both you and your dog can relax and enjoy having fun together, free from worry.

Whilst you’re busy teaching your dog to ring a bell, jump through a hoop, or to sit pretty, something remarkable is happening. The bond between you and your dog is growing, and that is PURE MAGIC!

Trick Training for Dogs with Circus Dog Central

Circus Dog Central gives you instant access to over 30 videos teaching you easy tricks through to more challenging tricks. You can work through these tricks at your own pace, slowly training a stage ready superstar!

What we cover:

  • Take a bow
  • Play dead
  • Roll over
  • Sitting pretty
  • Oh! The shame!
  • Nose targeting
  • Paws up!
  • Figure of eight
  • Speak
  • Ring the bell
  • And many more astounding circus dog tricks!

Are you ready to teach your dog something truly amazing?

£24 a/month (cancel anytime)

– Or – 

£144 one-off payment for lifetime access


A lot of trick training requires your dog to move their bodies and use muscles in ways they may not usually. It’s important therefore that your dog is fully developed and in good physical health before teaching tricks. 

It’s advisable to speak to your vet or a vet physio to get the all-clear before beginning your trick training. 

If at any point your dog is resisting an exercise, please stop and move onto a different trick. There are plenty to choose from and your dog may be reluctant because moving in that manner is uncomfortable for them. 

Reactive dogs can sometimes have a fairly limited world. Trick training gives you and your dog a new activity to enjoy together away from external stresses and influences. It can be a welcome relief away from working on your dog’s reactivity to have something purely fun to do together. 

If you have a dog who can be overexcited around visitors or people who come to visit who are not comfortable around dogs, trick training is fantastic. Your dog is distracted from leaping all over your guests, and instead can focus on showing off their fun circus dog tricks! In turn, your previously nervous guests can relax and enjoy the show at a distance!

Trick training is fun, but yes, it’s also useful in a lot of different ways. Ultimately, it’s a great way to improve your dog’s focus, get their attention, and get their brain into gear.  

If you compete in dog sports such as agility, flyball, herding trials, or any other sports with your dog, trick training can be a brilliant warm up activity.  Running through a couple of tricks before you enter the ring is a brilliant way to get your dog focused and engaging their brain before they hit the course. 

It’s also great for budding young sports dogs.  Before our future sports stars can do high impact training, we can use trick training to start putting their brains to work.