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Effective At Home Dog Training

With The Fisher Fix Dog Training Academy

Relationship-focused dog training, that works!

What would life look like if your dog enthusiastically did anything you asked?

Dare to believe that this is entirely possible. Because it is.

And it’s all founded on creating an outstanding relationship with your dog.

Just like wonderful human relationships, a great relationship with your dog is built upon

You’ve tried all the training games, you’ve bought ALL the enrichment products, and yet something still eludes you.

Why can’t you get your dog to behave? All you want is to take them everywhere and have incredible experiences together…. But something isn’t working.

Let’s solve your dog training struggles together

The Fisher Fix Dog Training Academy is THE place to be for dog owners who want to solve their problems and focus on enjoying their best friend.

It’s a combined dog training programme that merges online course content with personal coaching and support from a real human dog trainer!

This isn’t just an online dog training course

Your course content is blended with real-life face to face support so that you have everything you need to not only put it all into practice but to progress your training to levels you never dared imagine possible.

The video library of dog training resources is where you will find the theory. There are 100’s of videos to help you nail problems from pulling on the lead right through to reactive dog problems.

But, to truly benefit and see remarkable results, you need to be supported through implementing it.

This is precisely why your academy membership includes direct access to me three times a week, so we can tweak and address whatever issues come up as you train. 

The theory is important, but troubleshooting, adapting and progressing your training demands real-life interaction with someone who can guide you

The Fisher Fix Dog Training Academy will give you the perfect blend of self-study and coaching so that you can achieve incredible results and progress with your dog.

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What’s inside this dog training programme?

The Fisher Fix Dog Training Academy is essentially decades of dog training knowledge, experience and life lessons – simplified and gifted to you in video form!

There are hundreds of dog training tutorials, weekly live sessions with yours truly, a community of amazing dog owners and the eternal promise that you will never be made to feel stupid, clueless or wrong. Ever.

Introductory Call

When you join The Fisher Fix Dog Training Academy, you will be invited to book a welcome session with me. On this call, we will discuss what brought you here, so I can guide you to the content that will best serve you right away.

My brain in video form

But, it’s not just about solving the problem that brought you here.

Access 100’s of training videos that will revolutionise the friendship between you and your dog and give you the freedom to enjoy life together. From trick training to solving problem behaviours, you’ll find the perfect blend to give you the life you crave with your dog.

Personalised support

Take advantage of Live Q&A sessions three times a week where you can ask anything you like and access quick solutions to your dog training struggles as you train.

Weekly morning, lunchtime and evening calls to fit your schedule ☆ 

No question is too big or too small, and there is no such thing as a stupid question. This is a powerful resource to have at your fingertips, use it!

Get personalised coaching on your dog training

Exclusive access to our private community group where I encourage you to share real-life videos of your training and any problems that arise so that I can coach you through how to fix it. 

Plus, gain from other members shares and experiences. When one person shares, everybody benefits.

8 Classrooms for all your dog training needs

Discover specific training zones to help you master whatever life stage or behaviour you’re in the midst of. From basic puppy training to reactivity, barking and even heelwork to music, you will find everything you could ever need inside. 

Explore practical dog training and add a dollop of fun training games so you can both relax and breathe easy.

Take full advantage and see the unseen

I want you and your dog to get real value from this online dog training course. So please use the opportunity to share videos of your training and your dog in action with me in our private Facebook group.

There are so many subtleties in dog behaviour and communication. Being able to see your dog in action means that I can not only help you overcome your problems but I can help you understand your dog more clearly.

Before you know it you’ll be solving things yourself when you’ve learned to read your dog!

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Doors are now open!

Doors open twice a year - don't miss the next enrollment!

Join the waitlist here and be the first to hear!