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Make good behaviour second nature with our online puppy training course

For puppies aged from 8 weeks and up to 6 months

True success is achieved when you weave dog training into your everyday, so it becomes a natural way of life.

Discover the secret to making good behaviour second nature, with our at-home puppy training course.

60 video tutorials

easy-to-follow steps

instant access

bite-sized lessons

You're about to embark on an incredible adventure!

Sharing your life with a puppy is exciting, a little bit daunting, and MUCH EASIER when you discover how to make training an easy everyday activity that you don’t even think about.  

Because here’s the thing. Your puppy is like a little sponge, soaking up everything around them and learning all the time. Even when you don’t think you’re training…… Especially when you don’t think you’re training!

Our easy-to-follow puppy training exercises enable you to weave good habits into your daily life right from the very start, making training a breeze for both of you.

Puppy training at home, on your schedule.

Gain instant access to 60 bite-sized video lessons that you start in your living room, before progressing out into the real world. Discover how to progress your training so your pup can behave like a superstar everywhere.

What we cover:

  • How Dogs Learn 
    • Clicker training
    • Name response game
    • Sit & Down
    • Hand Touch
  • Home Life Skills 
    • Bed training
    • Self control at mealtimes
    • Preventing resource guarding
    • Teaching the Stand
  • Puppy Socialisation 
    • What is socialisation
    • Recognising & dealing with fear
    • Checking puppy over
    • Avoiding jumping up
  • Loose Lead Walking 
    • Head collars v. harnesses
    • Collar grab game
    • Loose lead walking mechanics
    • Settle exercise
  • Recall Games 
    • Creating good recalls
    • How to create consistency
    • Recall games
    • Recall criteria
  • Playtime – Tugging/ Fetch & Scenting Games
    • Discussing dominance
    • Tugging rules
    • Fetch
    • Using play in training

Our online puppy training teaches you how to make good behaviour a no-brainer for your pup.

£24 a/month (cancel anytime)


£144 one-off payment for lifetime access

Great dogs don’t just happen!

They’re the result of persistent, positive action in shaping the environment that our puppies are raised in.

We all want a dog who’s happy, fulfilled and a joy to be around. And that starts with gifting your puppy with the life skills that will enable them to thrive and choose good behaviour without fail. 


It really depends on you! If you want to plough through it all, then you could complete it in 3 months, but it’s structured so that you can dip in and out at your own pace. It has everything you need to take you through the first 6 months of puppy life. 

You will need to start by teaching your puppy in a quiet, distraction-free environment, before upping the difficulty and taking it on the road. You will benefit from having the videos to refer back to as you progress your training to new levels. 

You can buy lifetime access to the course for £144, or pay monthly at £24 p/mth for as long as you need it.

This course is designed for puppies up to 6 months of age. If your pup is older, then head to our Inbetweener Dogs course which will be a better fit. 

Puppy classes can be intimidating for some puppies (and some humans!) Learning at home in your living room is a safe place to learn happily, away from distractions and external influences. 

Your classes transition from your living room, to your garden, to the big wide world at a pace that you and your puppy can handle. 

You can use this course as an add-on to in-person puppy classes, or book 1-2-1 sessions with me to get extra support if you need it.

This is a brilliant course for people who have had puppies before, but who need a little refresher for their new bundle of joy. 

Ready to get started?