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Preparing to say goodbye..

It’s going to be a long day tomorrow as we say goodbye to the majority of Ella & Tigger’s puppies who are being collected by their new owners. Ryley (Red), Beep (Lightening), Jet (new name TBC!), Oberon/Obi (Spot) and Ruby (Seven) will be heading out into the world to start the next chapter in their lives.
I can’t begin to explain what an experience the whole process has been, from making the decision to breed, choosing the stud dog, the mating, the birth, the puppies themselves – a roller coaster, and one I wouldn’t have missed for anything in the world. I loved each of my dogs from the moment they entered my life, and with Ella in particular I’ve shared many special moments in her agility career as we’ve moved up the grades. But I think this has to top them all as being her midwife of choice and assisting her first little boy into the world and then being there as one by one the rest joined him – it’s an experience I will treasure my whole life.
As they’ve been socialised in various places, I’ve often been asked the question ‘Are you selling them?’ or ‘Have they all got homes?’, only to be greeted with surprise when I explain the waiting list we had before they were even conceived! That’s a good feeling, to know that these puppies were loved and wanted before they were even born – just as their mother is treasured every day of her life.
I expect a few tears will be shed tomorrow, but I want it known that they will be happy ones. There are some good people welcoming these young dogs into their lives and I know that they’ll be safe and well within their care. And whilst it’s goodbye tomorrow, it’s not as if I won’t ever see any of them again – with each going to agility homes, I look forward to meeting (and hopefully beating ;)) them as their careers develop. And I’m assured of regular updates as their proud new parents have promised to keep in touch with special news. Plus I take comfort from the fact that as these new puppies fly the nest, my darling Ella puppy will be all mine again and she, Kai & Diva will be able to have more of the attention that they undoubtedly deserve. As a family we’ve all played our part in these puppies early days, but now’s a good time to say farewell. 
Except as I should probably mention, for one particular puppy who seems to have worked her way into my affections – unbeknown to me until just this last week. The dark chocolate puppy we named Galaxy who is so like her mother, but instead a rich, chocolately brown. Sensibility finally deserted me and the heart won out – Borderspirit Temptation is here to stay. We’re now a household of 4 dogs – oops! 😉
Today I’m grateful for the wonderful homes awaiting Ella & Tigger’s precious puppies – we’ve done all that we can do, now we’re going trust their new owners to do what we know they can do 🙂

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