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Let’s Talk Border Collies Webinar Download



What’s this webinar about?
Are Border Collies the most intelligent breed in the dog world? Possibly.
Sadly that doesn’t make them the easiest to live with. Quite often it makes them the exact opposite!
Common complaints..
  • Nipping/ biting
  • Easily over stimulated
  • Reactive to EVERYTHING!
  • Inappropriate chasing (joggers, cyclists, cars etc.)
  • Noise sensitivity (bad weather, fireworks, lawnmower etc.)
  • Loud! Demanding!
  • Obsessive
Delightful dogs right?!
But they don’t have to be any of the above. A happy Border Collie is worth its weight in gold.
Believe me – I should know.
This webinar explores the problems people encounter with their BC’s, why they occur and how to have the dog you’ve always wanted.
NB: This webinar is also available as part of Gemma’s online membership, the Fisher Fix Dogs Academy.

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