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Recall Solutions Webinar Download



This is for owners whose dogs have a brilliant recall.. provided there’s nothing else going on. For dogs who had a brilliant recall as small puppies, but have hit adolescence and seem to have lost their hearing!

This is an webinar download – which means you can enjoy it wherever you are in the world. People usually enjoy these downloads curled up from the comfort of their own sofa with a glass of something chilled/ a hot beverage – you get to decide!

It’s best to view webinar downloads like this on a bigger screen so a tablet or laptop, or even through your smart TV. Otherwise you might find the slides/ video clips a little difficult to see properly.

To fix recall issues you need a plan.. and that’s exactly what this webinar download will help you come up with.

– How to manage things in the short-term
– Setting up situations for you & your dog to succeed
– Practical exercises to go away and start working on

What are you waiting for? Add to your basket now to take your first step towards a better recall 🙂


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