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[Vlog] Puppy Socialisation with Other Dogs

I think of socialisation & habituation in dogs as a bit like a filing cabinet of experiences. When my puppies come home we label up new files together such as ‘Men’, ‘Women’, ‘Small dogs‘, ‘Big dogs‘ etc. etc.

Every time my puppy has an experience they will file it away in the appropriate folder. It’s like a memory bank of their journey through the world.

My aim is that each of these files has lots of positive memories and happy events filed away, so that on the odd occasion they encounter something negative, the positive ones outnumber the bad.

Examples of Positive Socialisation Experiences

Impact (Working Cocker Spaniel) with Alfie (Working Cocker Spaniel)

Toddy (Border Collie) with Lacey (Spaniel x Collie)

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