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Puppy’s First Night Home Advice

Where possible I try and collect my puppy early in the day in order that I can spend time getting to know them before we reach bedtime.

It also means they’re more likely to be tired out from a busy day full of new experiences.

There is conflicting advice about how to handle the first night home. And having tried out a few different ways, here’s how I do it now.

Overnight I will crate my puppy, and for the first few days the crate will be set up on or right up alongside my bed. I usually use a table or chairs to prop it up so that my puppy is at eye-level with me when I go off to sleep.

In the crate I pop a soft toy/ blanket or similar that smells of mum & litter mates. I also spray some Pet Remedy (see below) on the bedding at least 30 minutes before we head to bed.

Extra towels/ blankets on bed to avoid any accidents!

I’m led by puppy about when seems like a good time to head to bed, usually a bit later than normal – say 11.00pm onwards.

Last drink before bed – don’t usually leave water with them, simply as they tend to spill and make their bedding all wet!

My pup’s usually lay as close as they can to me alongside the crate, and I don’t usually hear a peep out of them until they start to stir around 7.00am.

Toddy as a puppy, lying as close as possible to his Mum

The video below are some thoughts of mine after the first night with Impact, my Working Cocker Spaniel puppy.

I gradually move the crate further away from the bed/ to the landing/ until they’re sleeping downstairs along with the rest of my rabble!

Useful Resources

Only Dog Cages Website: https://www.only-dog-cages.co.uk/

  • Good quality crates at a reasonable price
  • I love the Ellie-Bo Heavy Duty puppy pen – very versatile both as a pen and setting up as a divider too


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