Rookie Ready?

Are you ready to have your dog’s circus skills assessed by the Doghouse Trick Titles team?

If your dog can do 5 out of the 7 questions in this quiz, you’re ready to give your Rookie assessment a shot!

In The Dog House Trick Levels

Here are the various levels in order of difficulty..

How Do I Get Assessed?

You’ll need someone to video you and your dog doing the tricks.

This video will need to be uploaded to YouTube. It shouldn’t be more than 7 minutes long, and you need to insert the trick titles into the video.

If you don’t have an account or are struggling to do this, email [email protected] and we can always upload your video to the Fisher Fix Dogs channel.

Each behaviour should be demonstrated 3 times and should be on cue – not lured. Your cue may be visual (hand signal or object) or verbal.

All the behaviours should be edited into the one video with the handler visible too. The behaviours don’t have to be filmed on the same day.

There is a charge of 25 euros per submission – email [email protected] to get assessed.

Click on ‘Start Quiz’ below to check out whether you and your dog are ready!