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Retired Agility Dogs: Lessons Learned

Love letter to my beloved Ella..

Oh to do it all again sweetheart!

Since we can’t do that, I promise to pay attention each time I run a dog in the future. To be grateful in that moment. To be conscious that these amazing moments can’t be available forever.

I promise to run hard, run as fast as I can, and honour everything you taught me about giving 100%. To show up and be seen.

Because life wasn’t made for playing it safe was it my girl? Shit or bust times with you were always exhilarating! But even better was that you helped me learn from them, that the lessons weren’t lost.

Thankfully I figured some of them out before you retired – those were some fun times in the ring towards the end of your career..

Ella & Jade (her niece) competing in 2016

Toddy & Summer have a lot to thank you for. In fact all the dogs that came after you have a lot to be thankful for. Because you paved the way.

You taught me that I couldn’t put it all on you. That I had to work on my stuff to improve our partnership. No complaining that you were too excited in competition to listen/ naughty and over the top/ couldn’t hold it together etc.

Boy I made some excuses didn’t I?!

But I forgive me, like you did and continue to do. We don’t know what we don’t know. And what I certainly didn’t know back then was just how many life lessons I was picking up along the way.

Because we were just playing and having fun. All the whilst learning that no pressure no diamonds right?

And you were one of the sparkliest, most precious diamonds that life ever gave me. Having you curl up on my feet or by my side, was priceless. 

Toddy & Summer sparkle and shine in their own unique way, just like you did in the ring.

Thank you for helping me appreciate what it is to run a really, incredibly good dog. You set the bar for the rest of them.

And for me too – thank you sweet girl. For everything.

All my love,

Your Gemma x

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