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Sofa snuggles – what are your rules?

Personally speaking I like nothing better than a cuddle with one of my dogs on the sofa at the end of a long day 🙂

Having Ella close makes me VERY happy 🙂

But I can see why people don’t always let their dogs join them on the sofa – and I respect their reasons for doing so. It’s all about personal preference.

For those that do though, I firmly believe that there should be some rules attached to the PRIVILEGE of joining you on the sofa that YOU paid for with your hard-earned cash 😉

You see dogs are opportunists at the end of the day. Not stubborn, naughty, wilful or difficult – just products of the situation and training they have received throughout their daily lives.

And if they believe that that anything in life that they want is freely available to them without any effort on their part – well frankly we’re headed into spoiled brat territory 😉

Look at it like this – how about you turn up at work and get paid regardless of whether you do any work or not? Workplaces would quickly become places for coffee and magazines now wouldn’t they?

And after you’d become accustomed to that routine, you probably wouldn’t have very much respect or time for the boss now either would you? Of course there are exceptions to EVERY rule and if you’re a saintly, dedicated worker, please feel free to ignore this example 😉

So here’s how it plays out in our house. The rules are, with no people on the sofa – knock yourself out, feel free to hang out on the sofa.

However, if there’s a person sat on the sofa you need to ASK before jumping on up. A simple bit of eye contact and a ‘Sit’ should do it.

Thank you for asking girls!
Thank you for asking girls!

This goes for the caravan bed too – and I reserve the right to refuse when you’re damp and soggy 😉

Plus if you have multiple dogs like I do, then you’re not allowed to guard the sofa from your brothers & sisters. If you do feel you need to lift your lip or give a low growl to warn them off, please understand that you’ll find yourself back on the floor and your privilege rescinded. You either share nicely or not at all 😉

What are your feelings about dogs on sofas? Is your dog allowed, and if so are there rules surrounding it? Comment below! 🙂

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