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Top 10 Christmas Presents for Agility Enthusiasts!

The next time someone asks you “What do you want for Christmas?” be sure to have this post handy to share with them!

1. Tug-E-Nuff Dog Toy/s!

Ordinary dog toys just don’t cut the mustard.

If you’re looking for a toy to motivate and reward your dog, then Tug-E-Nuff is a great place to go.

My personal favourites include..

  • Sheepskin Bungee Chaser with Tennis Ball
  • Pocket Bungee
  • Sheepskin Ball Tug
  • Sheepskin Ball Bungee Tug – Rubber Ball

2. Paws Made Paws Pocket – Paws Trading

Not all dogs love the game of tuggy.

Rather than insist they tug, why not pair playtime with something they love instead?

Food often goes down quite well!

Plus it’s good for building retrieve in those dogs who get a little too excited.

3. Jumping Grid Workbook – Susan Salo

For serious competitors, teaching great jump skills is an important part of your training plan.

Susan’s book supports her DVD’s with invaluable insights and advice into setting exercises which will help teach your dog how to jump brilliantly 🙂

4. FitPaws K9 FitBone – Camddwr Canine

Keeping our dogs in great shape is an important piece in the agility puzzle.

FitPaws range of balance discs, wobble boards and this great K9 FitBone are just the kit we need to help them master amazing body awareness to support them be amazing agility dogs!

5. Aerobic Step

You might even have one of these in the shed or garage!

Brilliant for all sorts of body awareness exercises.

Steps which adjust to different heights are the most useful.

In an ideal world I’d keep a couple of these in my training kit.

6. Strategies for Start-Line Confidence 2-DVD Set – Dr Kathrine McAleese

It’s all too easy to focus on the dog’s job when we’re attending training classes, workshops or competitions.

But what about the other end of the lead?

Do we have a mindset to match our dog’s agility skills?

The techniques in Dr Kathrine’s 2-DVD set will help you compete at your best in the new year 🙂


7. Cool. Calm. Connected: Mind to Win Progress Tracker Journal – Dr Kathrine McAleese

It can be easy to forget the progress we make throughout an agility season, or to keep track of what things we need to work on in training based on our competition results.

Dr Kathrine has produced this journal packed full of inspiration and advice to help you focus on becoming the best team you and your dog can be 🙂

8. Jumps & Tunnels – First Contact Agility

You can teach so many agility skills with even just 1 jump and 1 tunnel.

I love the agility kit from First Contact.

Bright, colourful – and lasts a long time too.

9. Pick ‘n’ Mix – Agility World

Good agility dogs need good quality chews & treats for downtime and rewards.

Agility World is a great place to start.

Plus, there’s lot of other cool agility gear which would make the agility lover in your life happy too!

10. Total Toy Fix Online Course

Using toys as rewards in agility training is really valuable.

But often people aren’t sure how to get their dog interested.

Or struggle because their dogs is TOO interested and over-aroused!

This self-study online course is the perfect way to teach important play skills for increased agility success.

Today I’m grateful to own or have experienced each of the suggested items on this list. The knowledge and fun I’ve gleaned from each of these resources is invaluable and I hope Santa is kind to you and chooses from this list! 😀

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