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Top 7 Dog Chews

Chewing isn’t just a nice thing for a dog to do – it’s an essential part of helping them destress and be relaxed and settled in your home.

I like to offer my dogs chews whenever I’d like them to relax and chill out. There’s a big tub of them in my larder, and a big box in my van so that there’s always lots of goodies on hand when I need them. Here’s a selection of my dog’s favourites that I like to have in stock:

  1. Bulls pizzles
  2. Whimzees vegetable chews (Hedgehogs/ Toothbrushes/ Crocodiles etc)
  3. Yakers Dog Chew (skimmed Yak & Cow milk)
  4. Hollings Filled Bone (which are good for refilling too)
  5. Raw play bones
  6. Frozen raw meat filled beef trachea
  7. Raw duck necks

Do you have other goodies that your dogs enjoy? Would love to hear your suggestions 🙂

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