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Top 8 Tough Toys for Serious Chewing

What people don’t always realise about teething, is that it doesn’t always finish straight after puppy teeth have fallen out.

Quite often young dogs will continue to chew throughout their first year as their new bigger teeth settle into their jaws. And this can be uncomfortable for them 🙁

If you have a serious chewer, here are some suggestions that I’ve been sent in by people in the same situation as you – with dogs who make their way through normal chew toys in record time!

My dogs have tried and enjoyed most of these, but even I found a couple of new ones as a result of asking the Daybreak community for ideas!

Anco Roots

Kong Knots


Bull Bars

Kong Extreme Products (Black versions of red Kong products)

Nylabone Dura Chews

Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude/ Bouncy Bone

Green Feeder

Today I’m grateful for a community of dog lovers who are happy to share their knowledge to help others make their dogs more settled and comfortable 🙂

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