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Vlog: Dog Walking Faux Pas’

This vlog comes from a Facebook Live I did whilst out walking my dogs.

Here’s what people had to say who watched it:

“Being told off by other dogs really negatively affected my puppy. We now have an anxious, reactive dog. Really bad advice until we found you and were enlightened! “But mine is friendly” is so unhelpful!”

“Thanks for this Gemma. Had a couple of frustrating walks at Weston Woods recently with packs of dogs hurtling towards us including my youngster who was on lead. No effort from the owner/dog walker to call them away until I moan that she’s not on a lead for no reason, then they make a failed attempt to call the dogs off, which ends up having to physically retrieve them. Perhaps in future before the rush has happened I should politely call out to get their dogs back under control whilst I’m still calm and not agitated and before my dog has been swarmed by over friendly dogs? Rather than do what you’re suggesting not to and assume the person knows to keep off lead dogs away from on lead ones. Might make it end better I suppose! 🤞

“So important to see this. We have a 13 week old and are getting bombarded with “you should just introduce them to everything immediately” and that felt wrong.”

“I wish I had known this when mine was a puppy as I’ve now got a fear aggressive dog 😢

“Love this! Thank you. I’ve owned dogs for years and have a one year old Bedlington at the moment and still learning and you’ve taught me new stuff today. Thank you 😊

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