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What Do You Feed Your Dog?

During our annual visit to Crufts in March, I was astonished at just how many brands of dog food there are available these days. How on earth would a new dog owner choose with such a wide selection available to them??  😯

Over the years my family’s dogs and now my own, have been fed a variety of different foods – dry food, canned food and more recently raw food.

Two of the beautiful dogs I grew up with – gone but never forgotten. Lovely Daisy (Golden Retriever) and Jolly (English Springer Spaniel) eating up their Pascoes & Tripe.

My current choice of Natures Menu raw complete food was a result of me trialling it to see how Ella looked on it – I had never found anything that gave her a luxurious and healthy looking coat and it was something that made me worry perhaps she was allergic to something. Tests didn’t show dietary allergies, but it would appear that seasonal pollens affected my sensitive little flower. Not that dogs are anything like their owners of course  :mrgreen:

On Natures Menu she developed the most fantastic coat and seemed so beautifully well on it that I decided that the rest would have to join her and I’ve been thrilled with not only their coat condition, but also the improvement in general (and a couple of our more highly strung dogs) behaviour too.

Since my wonderful team at Daybreak has expanded, it’s had me thinking – could we offer a dog food service alongside our training classes? And the initial answer from you all seemed to be a resounding ‘Yes!’ 🙂

We can offer a lot of help and advice on raw feeding if you’re interested in learning more 🙂

After all, we’re well placed to know what foods suit what lifestyles and budgets – and have a range of knowledge and experience to fall back on within our team. And as our beautiful venue at Pool Farm in Kingston Seymour has a range of storage areas, it definitely seems like something we should explore further.

So to get the ball rolling, I’d love to hear a bit more about the diet you feed your dogs – and I’ve come up with this short questionnaire below. And as a ‘thank you’ for completing it, I shall make sure your dog receives something special with your first order 🙂

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Would you like help and advice on finding a diet that suits you and your dog? Please comment below, and feel free to share with other dog owners who you think would appreciate learning more too 🙂

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