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Your mission should you choose to accept it…??? #fridayfisherfix #testingunderstanding #reinforcementmagic

Challenge #1: Inspired by the The Great British Bake Off, dust off your pinny and cook up a storm using one of these recipes http://www.daybreakdogs.co.uk/category/adult-dog-training/recipes/

Challenge #2: Does your dog understand that Sit means Sit? Or can you distract them by holding a treat slightly out of reach?

Challenge #3: University level – can your dog switch positions, ideally with a distraction out in front of them like Jade demonstrates?

BONUS Challenge: Toy motivated? Can your dog listen to a verbal cue to Sit or Lie Down when revved up and excited about their toy? It’s HARD, so when you get success CELEBRATE!

Too easy?? Check out some extra tips and ideas to challenge your training by clicking here:


Let me know how you get on, enjoy!

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